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Product Search would like to give you the most useful, practical, convenient, economical advice about what product you want to buy, show you the big deals, and catch up on customer trends.

Our team always works hard and is full of passion for satisfying your personal life, family, health, and work. We will introduce you to the list of thousands of products, but we won’t let you be there alone.

We will give you our careful, objective reviews that are recommended. And you gain many items with the latest technology and trend in the world with summarized and analyzed information by our experts.

Feel free and check out with us. We appreciate all of your feedback that makes us more eager to serve you.

You can save time, make more profit with Product Search for yourself.


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Job Description

We need a great content team and build it bigger day by day. Join us If you are fluent in English reading and writing, have experience in writing, researching, and synthesizing information.


  • Be capable of researching, analyzing, and summarizing the information, then writing the content.
  • Knowing the technology, machines, material, etc..  is an advantage to write valuable and detailed articles.
  • Be able to describe the use and benefit of the product, compare it to similar outcomes for customers to choose efficiently and smartly.
  • Be able to review the product with videos, real photos, show experiences you have purchased and used.
  • Take time seriously and focus on each content. You will increase your value and your salary from us.
  • Please, send your CV to contact[at]productsearch.org. We are looking forward to working with you.


If you have any questions, please note and contact us by email at contact[at]productsearch.org. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible to help you solve your concerns.

Your satisfaction is always our pleasure.

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